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Wet Carpet Repair

Wet carpet is a big concern when it comes to flooding or other types of water damage. Carpet can soak up gallons of water, making everything within and underneath it susceptible to mold and mildew. The first action to take is always dry the entire area as much as possible through forced air drying systems and dehumidification. However, in serious cases, carpet may need to be removed to dry and be treated for mold.

The padding underneath carpet is especially prone to soaking up moisture and growing mold and mildew. In a serious flood, the safest thing to do is to remove and replace this padding to avoid problems later on. A carpet can often be sun dried or air dried, and in severe cases, treated with chemicals for suspected mold growth.

Wood Floors Restoration

Water damage can be scary to face especially when you have wood floors. Wood floor getting wet can require some of the most costly repairs, but many issues can be avoided by a fast response. Always immediately call our Austin reconstruction specialists so that we can respond to a water damage emergency as soon as it happens. While you are waiting for us to get there it is important to start mopping up as much of the water as possible. The sooner water removal takes place, the less costly repairs will be.

Don’t be deceived! Even if you get your wood floors mostly dry by wiping and mopping them, the danger of costly damages is not gone. Wood absorbs water and all kinds of bacteria worse than any other flooring, and serious damages take a while to show up. It is crucial to have a professional drying technician extract the water from the wood floor as well as check for other damages as soon as possible.


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