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One of the most dangerous effects that water damage can have on a home is producing mold in the air ducts and air conditioning systems. Even after these systems have been dried and cleaned they can be a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. Trilogy takes many steps to ensure that your family and employees are safe from mold exposure.

First, our renovators investigate the entire ventilation system, paying close attention to those areas that are more prone to growing mold such as; condensing pans, filters, and ductwork lining. Second, we clean any non-porous surface and determine if there are any areas that require more than just cleaning. Then, we use chemicals to clean any serious areas while also preventing further contamination of property.

Mold is Dangerous

Even if allergies, asthma, and children are not a concern in your household or business be aware that mold is not a laughing matter. It can make even the healthiest person sick. It is even more important to remember that it is possible for black mold to grow. This type of mold can have serious effects on people and even lead to death.

If you suspect you have mold in you HVAC systems, don’t wait, contact the expert renovators at Trilogy Restoration.

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