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Disaster Assistance

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The most important thing to do after a flood, fire, or natural disaster is to get as many belongings as you can out of the damaged property. The first thing we do here at Trilogy Restoration is help you go through and inventory each item. From there, we can help you determine what is not damaged, what can be restored, and what is beyond repair.

Our services provide an organized pack-out to ensure that all your items are properly taken care of. Items that can be restored will go to our warehouse to be stored and repaired, and those items that are damaged beyond repair will be packed for presentation to your insurance company. If we are rebuilding your house, and you have items that remain undamaged, we also offer storage at our facility until the building process is complete.

Benefits of Pack-Out

  • Everything is organized and inventoried.
  • It is a quick way to know what's damaged or missing.
  • It allows for quick removal of those things that are not damaged to keep them safe.
  • It ensures those things that are damaged but salvageable are not damaged further.
  • It prepares all your non-salvageable belongings to show to the insurance company.

Why Should I Evacuate?

While the Austin and San Antonio area experiences fewer natural disasters other Texas cities, it is still crucial to pay attention to any evacuation order. Evacuations may be necessary for several reasons, but it is important to realize its purpose is to keep you safe. Powerful hurricanes and tropical storms can have a devastating effect, even inland, causing injuries or fatalities. Be aware that during a mandatory evacuation, emergency services will cease in the area. If your family needs to be rescued or receive medical attention, you may have to wait days or even weeks for help. By ignoring the evacuation order, you risk more property damage and personal injury.

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