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Your time is precious, especially in the time just after your property has been damaged. Finding somewhere to stay, inventoring damaged possessions, dealing with an insurance adjuster, etc. It can all become overwhelming. Trilogy Restoration can help though, and we can save you time and frustration by repainting your home after a disaster.


After a fire, it often seems necessary to just start over completely. More than just possessions were damaged. Often times the structure itself needs repair as well as new paint and drywall. It can be a stressful process choosing all these different companies to trust with the restoration of your home, and each company adds onto the cost of repairs. That’s why Trilogy Restoration does it all. We have trained contractors who are able to do more than regular construction. Our Austin and San Antonio drywall specialists can easily have new drywall installed in your home in just a few days and ready to return to regular use.

Water Damage

Although drywall can be waterproofed to an extent, its material is very susceptible to water damage. Because drywall is lightweight and porous, water seeps inward causing the drywall to swell and disintegrate. During this process, it supports rampant mold growth. Trilogy can take all necessary precautions when putting up new drywall, providing covalent waterproofing.

Fire Protection

One of the best things about drywall is that it contains gypsum holding crystallized water. When a fire occurs, the drywall does not allow an adjacent room to get over boiling point until all the water is melted and gone. A fire can usually be handled before this happens, saving you further damages in your home.

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