Category III Black Water Damage in Austin

Water damage takes on many forms, depending on the extent of the damage and origin of the water. The most severe type is known as Category III water damage, which is also the most dangerous for you and your family. Trilogy Restoration is an Austin TX water damage restoration service that can restore your home in the event of this type of damage.

The type of water in your home determines its category and how dangerous it is. Clean water from a leaking pipe or other clean source is considered category I. Sump pump failure, urine-only toilet backups, and other types of water with minimal bacteria is known as category II or “grey water” damage. Category III damage happens when the water that is in your home is filled with high levels of harmful bacteria. This type of water may also be referred to as “black water”. Floods, rising rivers, ocean water, and backed up sewage are all instances of this type of damage. Proper cleaning and sanitizing of the area by a professional ensures that the bacteria from the water does not remain in your carpet or drywall after the water is removed.

Not only does category III water harm your flooring and walls, but it can contaminate the air in an entire room. If you have black water in your home, seal off the area and keep everyone in the family from entering. Then call us at Trilogy Restoration for restoration and water damage renovation in your home.

Black water is a serious problem that poses a threat to your health and that of your entire family. This type of damage needs immediate expert attention. We can help to get your home clean and safe again after any type of damage from water, even black water. For water restoration service in Austin, call our company, Trilogy Restoration, today at 888-877-2611.