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Austin Fire Damage Restoration from Trilogy Restoration

Fires cause more destruction than just from the flames. Smoke damage or smoldering embers continue to cause harm to your possessions long after the fire is put out. To recover your belongings, you need an Austin TX fire restoration company who will conduct a thorough restoration of your home and the things in it. At Trilogy Restoration, we specialize in fire damage renovation to get your home back to a like-new condition.

Our fire damage repair service and restoration starts with an assessment of the damage to the property as soon as it is safe for us to be on site. Then your insurance company gets a price quote for the restoration process from us. A fire and its aftereffects causes you enough stress without having to deal with the insurance company. At Trilogy Restoration, we have experience working with insurance companies to ensure that your home gets restored and paid for in a timely manner. With our team, you do not have to worry about either the fire or the insurance company, letting you concentrate on more important matters.

Untouched items in the home are boxed and stored in a safe location until we complete the structural renovations needed after the fire. Our professional fire restoration team cleans materials that sustained fire damage. They also deodorize the area of smoke. We clean everything in the home touched by either smoke or fire to remove evidence of the event. We will also tell you about items or parts of the home which cannot be simply cleaned and need replacement.

Fires happen without warning, but you can be ready by knowing who to call when such an event happens. At Trilogy Restoration, we are ready to help you restore your home after a fire. Keep our number, 888-877-2611, handy when you need restoration from the damage caused by a fire and its effects.